Jim Reed

Software Engineer, Architect and Manager



Software Engineer, Architect and Manager with 15+ years experience designing software and systems solutions. Experience developing internet applications, application-based websites, e-commerce and content management systems, web services and web-based APIs utilizing open-source packages and standards including PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, HTML and CSS. Strong experience in object-oriented design and systems oriented architecture. Extensive background in relational database design, data modeling and architecture using MySQL and Oracle, and no-SQL document databases and key-value stores using CouchDB and membase. Experienced manager of both personnel and projects with an emphasis on product quality and on-time delivery.


Freelance Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA
February, 2012 – Present

Working with new and former clients to develop custom software solutions on demand. ICANN requested assistance augmenting their billing system for registries and registrars. UCSB College of Letters and Science requested an update to their content managed website. The startup RoleStar requested engineering review of their software and systems architecture and assistance solving technical problems recording and processing video. Activision division Beach Head Studio requested for front-end development on Call of Duty: Elite to assist with the Fall, 2012 release of Black Ops II.


Pasadena, CA / San Francisco, CA
Senior Developer
May, 2010 – February, 2012

OpenX is a leading internet advertising platform targeting publishers, advertisers and ad networks. Led the back-end services API team developing the REST-based PHP/MySQL API sitting at the center of a service-oriented architecture with web UI, external customers and system services as consumers. Worked with the product team and internal development teams to implement API interface changes for new features. Performed ongoing code optimizations, code and workflow reviews and systems analysis to improve performance as the business grew and traffic increased.

Led an architecture research project to design the next-generation version of the API systems architecture. Using node.js, CouchDB, membase, elasticsearch, clustering, replication and system-specific tiered data propagation, this new API architecture was designed to replace an internal data systems architecture with periodic ETLs that queried and propagated data to the edge with a near-real-time event-driven systems architecture, alleviating delay propagation for data updates to OpenX’s edge-based services.

Worked on the UI team building OpenX 3.0, the single-page Javascript web application, the user interface content management system for the OpenX ad platform. Developed code for client-side caching for API derived data, application-wide user ACLs and home-grown application framework based on jQuery. 


Woodland Hills, CA
Senior Software Engineer
July, 2009 – May, 2010

ReachLocal is an aggregate seller of online advertising and advertising value added services. Worked as a Senior Software Engineer supporting internally facing web applications used to manage advertising campaigns using PHP, Zend Framework, JavaScript, Dojo, HTML and CSS. Acted as development lead providing project planning, time estimations, task delegation and resource leveling to a team of 3. Coordinated daily with release engineering and QA for multiple code deployments for a multi-tiered environment. Assisted in the source code management of 2-3 concurrent code branches and code merges between major branches.

NovaEdge Technologies

Los Angeles, CA
Founder & CEO
May, 2005 – December, 2008

Founded NovaEdge Technologies as a full-service software development and consulting firm focussing on helping businesses and organizations expand through product development, solutions engineering of web applications, content management and e-commerce web systems, user-interface design and graphic design, branding and identity. NovaEdge consulted with and completed projects with clients in education, entertainment, non-profit, financial services, social networking, real estate and government.

The following is a selected list of projects that NovaEdge completed from 2005-2008.


ICANN is the non-profit governing body of the internet. Developed custom PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS intranet and extranet websites for the purpose of maintaining ICANN’s databases of Registries and Registrars including database design and improvements, data listing, view and editing functionality, data file uploads and downloads, CSV data imports and exports, billing calculation and generation, PDF invoice generation and document storage and retrieval.

Service Omni

Service Omni is a Los Angeles, CA internet startup that came to NovaEdge to design and develop their community-based business directory. Businesses create a web page to list and sell their services online and customers search locally to find, contact and book those services. To create this rich and complex web application, we wove together our own web-application framework, AJAX, web services and other open-source tools.

UCSB, College of Letters and Science

The College of Letters and Science is the largest departmental entity at UCSB. We designed and implemented a large content-managed website so that the College staff can dynamically update content and point students, alumni and donors to the relevant information they are seeking.

New Editions

New Editions is an online retailer selling commissioned art reproductions for children and their parents. NovaEdge built their content managed website and e-commerce platform which launched in October 2008.

TZONE Foundation

The TZONE Foundation is Tyra Banks’ grant making charity. We launched a new content managed website with a new design for TZONE Foundation to coincide with the re-focussing of their core mission.

Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story

Website for Automat Pictures’ award-winning documentary on 50s schlockmeister and cinematic impresario William Castle, director of Spine Tingler, House on Haunted Hill, Rosemary’s Baby and inventor of Percept-o, Emerg-o, and Illusion-o.

Livable Places: Making the Connections

Website for Livable Places’ latest initiative, “Making the Connections,” an urban planning and design project that will result in a plan with proposed bicycle and pedestrian connections to LA’s Chinatown and Lincoln/Cypress Gold Line Stations, connecting the residents and workers that surround the stations to the Gold Line and creating safe and enjoyable routes to walk and bike to the stations.

j2 Global Communications, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA
Director of Engineering Software Engineer
February, 2000 – April, 2005 July, 1998 – February, 2000

Primary design architect for the company’s communication services product lines. Directed and coordinated the full life-cycle of software development through design, implementation, testing and deployment phases.

Software and systems architect for the company’s email-to-fax system handling global delivery of 200,000+ fax pages per day. Designed and oversaw implementation of this high-availability, scalable, distributed, componentized system design. Planned and managed the procurement, configuration and deployment of a geographically redundant, duplicate system residing in an off-site location.

Served as database architect, leading and reviewing all database design initiatives. Extensive development and practical experience with four generations of Oracle RDBMS product lines. Developed and reviewed SQL statements, PL/SQL packages, tables, indexes, triggers, advanced queuing objects and storage schemes such as partitions, tablespaces and datafiles. Implemented three-tiered change management workflow to ensure accurate staged deployment of database objects to development, test and production platforms. Coordinated with DBA group to implement advanced Oracle technologies including Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database and Oracle Advanced Queueing (AQ) and Oracle Replication over LAN and WAN.

Responsible for software and systems architecture to support several core back-end systems including a centralized, templatic email delivery system handling 100,000+ messages per day; a management system and protocol for handling an inventory of 12,000,000+ phone numbers; and a provisioning system acting as a mediation repository between the billing system and the product services handling all customer account configuration and changes.

Coordinated with Product Management group on defining product design and technical design requirements, planning project schedules and managing project timelines for implementation. Coordinated with Quality Assurance group on test plans and deployment logistics. 

Managed a group of twelve developers responsible for back-end service applications, database applications development and analytical reports generation. Hired every member of the team, oversaw all personnel issues including annual performance, salary and bonus reviews.

Speech Technology Laboratory, Panasonic Technologies, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA
Software Developer and Research Linguist
August, 1996 – February, 1998

Researched and developed software for the Speech Training Systems Group focused on assistive technologies for language impaired children, hearing impaired children, and Japanese esophageal speakers.

Developed portable C++/OO API of DSP speech processing algorithms for inclusion in a Visual C++/MFC-based application. Developed a DirectX-based children’s game that utilized speech recognition for interactive control. Provided C/C++ integration, C to C++/OO ports and code management. Researched speech acoustics performing experiments and testing of algorithms for speech analysis and recognition. Participated in all phases of software development including research, design, implementation and testing.

Durand Communications, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA
Documentation Projects Manager
September, 1994 – September, 1995

Supervised all documentation projects for a small commercial software company, including time-lining, writing, revising, editing, layout and production of user manuals, online help systems and company newsletter. Assisted in quality assurance, software and GUI design. Performed high level technical support for network and modem related software for Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups. Assisted the creation of marketing materials. Interviewed, hired and trained documentation staff.

Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA
Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and System Administrator
September, 1992 – May, 1998

Teaching Assistant for six undergraduate classes in the Linguistics Department including Language and Society, Language and Culture, The Language of Ethnic Minorities in the U.S., and Introduction to Linguistics. Held weekly discussion sections, graded weekly assignments and term papers, planned assignments and quizzes, and determined final grades.

Digitized and prepared audio segments from DAT for analysis and inclusion in the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English. Created and maintained small peer-to-peer Windows 95 network. Installed Linux/SAMBA domain server for file sharing and password security. Provided all PC hardware support, managed office and maintained databases.

System Administrator for Linguistic Department’s Sun SPARC workstation for more than five years. Maintained hardware, software for SunOS 4.1.4, email accounts, and HTTP server for a system predominantly used for acoustic analysis of speech. Provided training and assistance for UNIX and Entropic’s ESPS/Waves+ package for acoustic analysis.


University of California, Santa Barbara. Graduate Studies in Linguistics. 1992-98.
Pomona College, Claremont, CA. BA in Linguistics, Cum Laude. 1992.


Writing. Science fiction and fantasy. Cognitive science and philosophy of mind. City exploring. Social theory, politics and economics. Comics and graphic novels. History of science. Art theory and creative exploration. Indie music. 


Available upon request.